Children Book Question….

Hey everyone!

I am reaching out and asking what adoption books have you purchased and like for reading to your kids? We have Hunter who is two and he’s biological and now starting the adoption process we want to read him books about becoming a big brother and what that means through adoption.

Just picked up Rosie’s Family – An adoption story. Really cute book that talks about how different families are formed, how they may look different but they like the same things, how to talk to them about people bringing up their ‘real’ parents (meaning birth parents), how to keep the conversation open about birth parents “Dad says that my birth parents have a special place in my life because I was born to them. He thinks they were very brave to let me have a new family even though it probably made them sad.”

New Book

Also, quick update on where we are at – turned in our fingerprints and on Monday I’ll get assigned a social worker to start on the Home Study process. I have all the paperwork printed out and ready to go!

So, if you have any children’s book recommendations or any tips for the Home Study process please leave a comment! Excited to be moving forward!

One more thing, I want to say THANK YOU to The EcoFeminist for the Mixbook recommendation – SOOOOOOO much easier to use than Shutterfly!