Calling all Prayer Warriors….

Tomorrow is a big day for us…we are having our profile book viewed for the first time by a birth mom! We received an email yesterday morning from our social worker who asked if we would like to be part of the viewing (meaning our profile book), she sent over the birth moms information (medical history, pregnancy history, age, what she’s doing now….) and from there and LOTS of talking and praying we decided this morning that we would love to be part of the viewing.

From my understanding the families that were asked if they want to be part of this viewing have until tomorrow at noon to let the agency know. The birth mom will be meeting with the Expectant Parent Advocate at 3:30p to look at the books and ask questions.

So, tomorrow I am not sure how productive I’ll be because I’ll be thinking and praying for her. My heart goes out to her, she is a super woman for making an adoption plan for her little one. A mothers love is never ending and it’s unconditional and she is truly an amazing person. We really hope that we get to meet her.

This has also kicked a few other things into high gear…I don’t have a contingency plan set up at work yet. I don’t have a back up and I don’t have some of the work I do documented….so guess what….it’s 11:55p and I’m taking a quick break from doing that to write this. Documenting everything that I do on a daily basis that someone else might need to know is not an easy task, I do a lot…I’m an admin.

Anyways, I am not sure what the timing is for the birth mom to make a decision on who she’d like to meet with face to face, maybe we find that out tomorrow – I’m not sure. I will say that I’m freaking out less than I thought that I would. I’m feeling a lot of peace around us which is a wonderful thing. I know that it’s not in our hands and I can’t make her make a decision nor would I want to. But we’ve been praying a lot, my mom reached out to pretty much everyone she knows for a prayer chain, I’ve reached out to a bunch of people including out Adoption Support Group at church, let our pastor know, friends from work, and I also put something out on KTIS Prayer Works.

The power of prayer is an amazing thing, and I’m not asking God to have her pick us. I’m praying for peace for her and to listen to the Lord and do what she thinks is best for her little one. Do I want her to choose us, of course I do. But it’s a HUGE decision that she is making and I want her to feel the love and support that we are sending her and I hope that she does feel a sense of calmness around her when she is in her meeting.

So, if you have a quick second after reading this or when ever please say a prayer for her, for us and for her little baby.


OH….I almost forgot! I’ve also been hard at work with creating a website for birth families to get to know us better 🙂 Take a look and let me know what you think

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support! 



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