Ever have one of those days…

Howdy everyone! Have you ever had one of those days / weeks where things just go a little hinky? Well this is how last week into today has been.

Great news is that our paperwork was accepted by the adoption agency [WHOOHOOOOOOO] – I just had to bring in our fingerprints and I was going to do that on Thursday…left work and got to the agency a few minutes too late – they were closed. Ok, that happens – no big deal. So I went back on Friday morning on my way into work…yeah they were closed again (Good Friday – Christian organization…) oops – my fault for not asking what their hours were. I did reach out later on to see when our coordinator will be in on Monday – 7:00am – once again I’ll try and drop off our fingerprints before work.

Next adventure: So on Saturday I was scheduled to get a new tattoo, I’ve had the appointment since the beginning of March – confirmed with the shop that they received the image and we were set to go….I go in at my scheduled time and it turns out that the shop fired the artist I was scheduled with the week before and they forgot to call his appointments to let them know…well ok then. Irritated I left, picked up Hunter and we headed home. He went down for a nap and I got to painting the kitchen 🙂

Successful Saturday in the paint and decorating aspect of the day! I’m in LOVE with the new color in the kitchen!! I love it so much I decided to also remove the wall paper in the entry closet and paint that as well. Like I said successful Saturday. Now just figuring out what pictures, sayings, mirror…..you know a little decorating.


So that brings us to today! Easter Sunday! It’s a beautiful sunny day, a little chilly but really beautiful. We started off the morning with some snuggles, Hunter helped me make some chip dip to bring to Aunties house for Easter lunch. He also helped me make breakfast for everyone – eggs – he also learned how to see if eggs are still good, a little science in the morning never hurts 🙂

Headed off to church, had the perfect Easter service, the sermon was on point, the music was amazing and the atmosphere was buzzing with the Lord’s presence. Then headed home to let the dogs our before heading to lunch….well….once we were home Ryan went to shut the garage door and there was a HUGE crash. Yup, turns out that the spring on the opener broke. Oy (insert eye roll). This house has been one thing after another and I really REALLY hate reaching out the the home warranty company to get things fixed – it’s been a fight for the last two months to get our ice maker fixed…


Anywho…claim has been sent, now waiting to see when someone can come out and fix the door. Always an adventure at the Paddock house – I wouldn’t really have it any other way though. So what’s on the list:

  • Garage Door
  • Ripping out basement carpet
  • Installing new flooring in the basement – NOT carpet, some sort of vinyl flooring that will stand up to dog nails and toddlers
  • Finishing painting Hunters room (should be working on this right now…)
  • Start | Finish nursery
  • Hanging pictures and artwork through out the house – my walls are too blank

That’s that! A few things going on – but tomorrow I WILL get those fingerprints dropped off and talk to our coordinator to figure out what our next steps are.

Until next time! Have a great week!!!



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