Getting closer…

picSo tonight’s project was to go through the Formal Paperwork Checklist – we only need a few more things and we can turn it all in!! We were given 30 days from the time our Formal Application was accepted to have all of this turned in — this is all due by March 23 (no pressure).

So what’s left you may be asking…

  1. Heading to the police station to get our fingerprints done (I know right…we will need to do this every year that we aren’t able to adopt – not sure if your finger prints change or why we would need to do this again, but it is what it is and we will do what we need to do)
  2. Have our tax appointment and turn in the last THREE years of our taxes (oy…along with taxes we also need to write down all of our debt, assets and anything else you can think of that deals with money). This part is really stressful because we will be having someone go over our finances and then they will come to the house to check that out as well, along with interviewing Ryan and I alone and then together. It’s all a little overwhelming. What if they don’t like us on the paperwork and haven’t met us yet? What if they don’t think I keep a clean enough house? What if they see our debt to income ratio and think that we aren’t fit/able to care for another child? These are the things that keep me up at night.
  3. Still need to take the 2 day training classes (first one is this Saturday — so stay tuned for a recap of that class. From what I’ve heard it will be a very emotional class, especially since we’ve gone through so many issues with infertility. I was told to bring tissues)
  4. Waiting on our official background checks to come back so we can turn those in with the other paperwork

Once everything is turned in we will need to complete the remaining hours of training, put together our look book and pray that there is a birth family out there that is searching for a family like ours. This is something that we pray for every night – with Hunter he will bless his baby brother or baby sister and then go to bed.

Speaking of Hunter…we’ve started purchasing some children’s books about adoption to read with him. Right now one of his favorites is How I Became a Big Brother – it talks about international adoption (which we aren’t doing) but it is a really cute story. He is only two but it’s never too early in our minds to start talking to him about being a big brother and what that means.

Big Brother Book

Right now I feel like we are one step closer but still so far away. I have a few ‘draft’ ideas for our look book but even thinking about that is overwhelming. I keep running into road blocks: what needs to be highlighted, what are birth families looking for when they look through these books, what if I have too much information or not enough – will we be passed up, do we need to get professional family pictures (of everyone or just us…) My mind never stops.

Has anyone reading this been through the process? If so, I would LOVE to hear your story, advice or any information you’d be willing to share.

Thanks everyone! We would love continued prayers for this adventure


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