Ugh – Paperwork

Oh man, I feel like I’m going crazy trying to find all sorts of documentation needed for the adoption application. Total assets, total debt, total account balances, monthly payments, monthly income and on and on and on. We just moved and they want to know all sorts of stuff about our mortgage – that paperwork is easy to find, but everything else…oy. I think one of the hardest things is remembering a gazillion passwords to access the account information 🙂

Anyways, I filled out most of the ‘official’ application just needing the items listed above. Reached out to some amazing people and asked if they would be one of the five references needed. I’m not sure if the agency reaches out to all of them or if they kinda pick and choose who they call; it will be interesting to find out!

I feel like I’m on crunch time trying to get everything filled out and first payment made, all this has to happen before the March 10th required training class. If it doesn’t then we have to wait to for the end of May to take the class, which then just pushes everything else out. We will be required to have 30 hours of training for infant adoption, two all day classes (the one in March for Domestic Infant, the other isn’t scheduled yet but it will go over a lot of other adoption process information), as well as a few webinars to complete the 30 hours. I am looking forward to all of this, I enjoy learning new things and this will just be another feather in my cap for family planning.

During the time from when our application is accepted to when we have our home visit we will need to put together a ‘look book’ or scrapbook of some sorts telling our story. This will be about the three of us as well as our extended family and friends. It’s our way to show birth parents who we are, what we do, what’s important to us and also what we look like. I found out that Shutterfly has a template that you can use for adoption – how awesome is that! The hard part is going to be putting it all together and collecting pictures to ‘showcase’ in the book. It is strange to try and ‘sell’ yourself to someone else in hopes that they let you adopt their baby, I am still trying to wrap my head around that and what the birth family must be feeling when looking at these profile books.

But before we can create a book our application needs to be accepted and to be accepted it needs to be finished! So I’m off to hunt down more information – wish me luck…I may need it!



3 thoughts on “Ugh – Paperwork

  1. Hey there- we are in our seventh month waiting for a birth mother to choose us and just wanted to stop by and show support… Also we originally looked at Shutterfly to do our profile books but a friend recommended Mixbook and I found that with Mixbook’s coupons, it’s considerably cheaper than Shutterfly. That being said, something I wish I would have done at the start would simply be to create the template and Mixbook and then have that design printed out by a local professional so that we could make photocopies for super cheap. I’m not sure what your adoption agencies rules are but we have to print 30 books at a time so they can distribute them to all of the social workers they have around the country, so it can add up quickly. Anyhow best of luck to you guys!

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    1. Thank you for the recommendation on the other site!! Mixbook has been MUCH easier to use than Shutterfly! How has the wait been for you guys? Are you stressed? Did you also have to do training classes, if so were they helpful?


      1. We actually waited for 2 years for a match from Ethiopia and then the program closed, so moved over to domestic adoption and the agency accepted our existing home study and trainings that we had done for them. The trainings we had to do we’re actually all online so it was really easy, much less time-consuming than the ones they do here in Oregon for fostering and adopting (which can take up to 6 months to complete). I didn’t think the classes were especially helpful and actually found the recommended books much better, particularly one called “I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla” about multicultural adoption which was fantastic.

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